Considering our many years of experience with vegetable oils supply, we offer a wide selection of high-quality raw technical vegetable oils for different purposes, oil substrates for the needs of biogas plants, we offer purchase of waste edible oil and supply of oilseed cake for further production of animal feed.
We offer a wide selection of technical vegetable oils of superior quality, especially for biogas production, such as rape seed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil …
Supply of various oilseed cakes for animal feed production.
ECO PRODUCTS, also known as ecological or organic products, are products that have been produced or obtained through the system of ecological farming without using artificial fertilizers, chemical preparations or pesticides.
The company EKOTRON D.O.O. has obtained an ECO certificate in 2016, hence expressing its commitment to these guidelines and is active in the field of trade, logistics organization and customs procedures with purchasing and selling of ECO farming products and raw materials, such as vegetable oils, oil cakes and other products.
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